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Nitrogen Gas Generation Systems

KayDee Solutions is a pioneering supplier of nitrogen gas generation systems to the Middle East region with a range of standard and custom systems for the production of nitrogen gas on site. Our units come mounted on a Metal Skid, or in a closeable container.


Nitrogen gas can provide substantial benefits as an alternative atmosphere for sealed packaged foods:

  • Better preservation of the product to maintain flavour, aroma, texture and nutritional value
  • Improved presentation at point of sale and quality to the user
  • Increased shelf-life providing extended selling opportunities, longer storage and extended productions runs for higher efficiency


Generating nitrogen gas on site with systems from KayDee Solutions is safe, reliable and highly cost effective. Benefits of onsite gas generation include:

  • No need to rent cylinders or tanks
  • No more delivery costs
  • No more order processing and no delayed nitrogen supplies
  • No more handling or storage of gas cylinders
  • Nitrogen on demand for continuous production


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