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KRONEN GmbH is one of the leading suppliers for the catering, convenience, delicatessen and food industry.Our strength is the fruit, vegetable and salad processing but they can also offer interesting solutions for meat, fish and poultry.

Kronen develop and produce single and special machines as well as complete processing lines for preparing, cutting, washing, drying, peeling and packing of food. Their quality and their consulting competence are appreciated world-wide.

Kronen GS10-2

Worldwide top-selling belt cutting machine for cutting of salad, vegetable, herbs, meat, fish, sausage and grating of bread, cheese and nuts.

The GS10-2 is equipped with a conveyor belt of 125mm width with perfect downholder technique for correct and soft product guiding.

Stepless adjustment of cutting length from 1-50mm.

Kronen GS20

For industrial cutting of salad, vegetable, fine herbs, fruits and many more products.

The newly developed GS 20 belt cutting machine is equipped with a conveyor belt 250 mm wide with a product down-holder to apply proper pressure for product control. This key feature holds and controls the product until point of cutting.

Individually definable programs can be stored and selected by the simple useof control buttons and features digital in-motion cutting size adjustment from 1 to 50 mm using a knife with 3 blades. The GS 20 feeding belt has been designed to convey whole heads of lettuce or cabbage.

The easy handling joins our series of all established KRONEN GS belt cutting machines. Concerning the product outfeed the knife cover has been optimized, in order to allow a gentle product handling.

The downholder gear and the diversion rollers were further improved and spare parts reduced consistently as far as possible, taken into account an additional improvement of the product quality.

Indicator lights indicate the status of the safety sensors. A new locking system combined with a new belt cover creates additional safety in the area of the knife.As with all KRONEN machines, its excellent hygiene qualities are a major advantage: Inclined surfaces, stainless steel shaft seals and the elimination of screws in the cutting chamber door area, a seamless knife edge, etc. contribute to the improved performance of the GS 20 belt cutting machine.

The solid industrial machine is completely made of stainless steel. It has been conceived caring specially about simple maintenance, easy and efficient cleaning and is, therefore , best suitable for professional applications.

Kronen GS10 TTS

For specific cutting of Melon Chunks, Pineapple tid bits, Chicken breast slices, Bread and many others.

Based on the proved technique of the world wide most sold belt slicer GS10, the GS10 TTS belt cutting machine has been developed to be able to control the cut size and minimise the waste on product cut in combination with the horizontal out feed belt.

Series GEWA & Centrifuges

Gentle washing thanks to rotary washing system. Products such as vegetables, salads, herbs and fruits can be effectively and carefully washed.

The Centrifuges for spin drying lettuce, vegetables, fruits, herbs and many more products.

Cutting and Peeling

HGW cutting machine for manual cutting of fruit, salad, vegetables and other food.

The abrasive peeling machine PL 40K peels and washes potatoes, carrots, beetroots and other root vegetables.


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