• Process Solutions

    KayDee Solutions offer an extensive range of process solutions to meet your needs. From complete processing lines for preparing, cutting, washing, drying & peeling of fruit and vegetable; fully roasting or drying all types of nuts, seeds & grains; Optical Sorting; Potato Chip, French Fry and Extruded Snacks lines; plus much more.  Our range of suppliers include:

  • Packaging Solutions

    Unsure of the best packaging format for your products? KayDee Solutions are here to offer a full range of high quality Bag Making and Packaging machinery. From Vertical and Horizontal Form/Fill/Seal machines, Traysealers, Vertical Cartoners, Feeding Systems, plus much more.  Our range of suppliers include:

  •  Material Handling

    The correct Material Handling system can save your company time, labour and wastage which all equates to more money on your bottom line. KayDee Solutions specialise in a full range of Distribution and Handling Systems, Steps and Accessories, Elevators and Conveyors.   Our range of suppliers include:

  • Inspection Systems

    KayDee Solutions offers Optical Sorting, Metal Detection and X-Ray systems

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